Presidential Speech

Good Evening! I would like to recognize the presence of ChunSha, representing the office of Gov. George Pataki, Consul General Cecilia Rebong, Verlia Brown, President of the New York State Nurses Association, members of the advisory council of the Philippine Nurses Association of New York – Lolita Compas, Filipinas Lowery, Rey Rivera, and Dr. Pio Paunon. Distinguished guests, family and friends…..

I am honored to stand before you and grateful for your support to the Philippine Nurses Association of New York. As president, I am also excited to represent thousands of Filipino nurses who have created an image of compassion, courage, creativity, and commitment to the nursing profession.

Nursing is all about the art of caring. As a group, Filipino nurses have been known for their work ethic, loyalty to employers but most of all, for our tenderness in caring for our patients. Our continued enthusiasm to care and heal people is incredible. But our compassion must transcend beyond caring for our patients. We, as nurses, must care deeply about the direction of nursing in healthcare. The challenge for us is to become actively involved in our own profession.

For most of us, we left the Philippines with one suit case, a good head on our shoulders, and a brave heart to face life in a foreign land. The culture was new to us. We were in for a culture shock. We found the Philippine Nurses Association to heal and carry us through this difficult transition. My fellow nurses, that took courage and we had demonstrated that. In the process, we have become nurse leaders in clinical practice, administration, education, community service, and research. Your dedication as nurse leaders are impressive and tonight, you are recognized. With your continued support and dedication towards excellence, I am confident that we can reach out to you for mentorship and guidance.

In order for our Association to grow, we must think in terms of creative means of recruiting new members and more importantly future leaders. The newly elected board for 2006-2008 truly represents the different boroughs of New York. This will be an amazing journey for everyone.

Our organization offers opportunities to share and showcase your talents. Be a part of it!

PNA would not exist if it were not for the commitment of its members and the support of our friends. Your presence tonight shows your belief that the Filipino-American nurse is an important part of our healthcare system.

We are a voluntary organization. After putting in our eight hour or 12-hour shifts, we still find the time to volunteer. The work goes unrecognized at times, but tonight we celebrate that hard work.

We would like to thank our families and significant others because without them, we would not be here. Your tireless support, generosity and understanding - be it driving your spouses to meetings, cooking dinner for the kids, or simply staying up late to help us with our PNA projects, are priceless.

Taos-puso akong nagpapasalamat at nagagalak sa inyong pagtangkilik hindi lamang sa isa’t-isa at sa ating iba pang mga kaibigan.  I am grateful and happy for your support not only to each other but also to all our fellow American nurses and friends. Let us spread the Bayanihan Spirit which is the spirit of sharing and giving!

To our esteemed guests, awardees, family, and friends let us give them a big round of applause.

On behalf of the executive board of PNA-NY, we sincerely appreciate your presence tonight and we look forward for your continued support and commitment. LET US ALL RISE TO THE CHALLENGE.

God Bless America. MABUHAY!