Presidential Message 

Warly Remegio, DNP, RN, NEA-BC, NPD-BC, CCRN-CSC

President, Philippine Nurses Association of New York, Inc. (2020-2022)


President's 2020-2022 Message 

2020, is the year designated by the World Health Organization as the Year of the Nurse and Midwife. It is indeed, a year to celebrate our profession and affirm our significant contributions that we have done and continue to do for our people and our society. More than ever, during the pandemic, we have shown how we compassionately care for individual patients, families and communities during those difficult and painful situations. Many of us, in this remarkable organization demonstrated selfless sacrifices to keep our people safe and save lives throughout this global crisis.

Reflecting on our splendid history as an association, our deep values and clear purpose gave me such pride and honor to serve as President and lead along with highly dedicated and talented members of the Executive Board for 2020-2022. With our synergistic partnership and collaboration within and outside PNA-NY, we will lead with grit and growth mindset to bring the association to its greater heights. Our shared wisdom, innate passion and deep values stir us to engage and empower others towards Achieving Synergistic Partnership, Innovation, Resilience and Excellence. The engagement and empowerment of members are essential core in attaining our strategic initiatives: membership growth and professional excellence, healthcare ethics and advocacy, research and innovation, community services and financial stability, which are foundational to the success of the organization.

Accelerating Synergistic Partnerships. Since 1929, PNANY serves as an active “orchestrators” of the profession in partnership with PNAA and other professional organizations. As we strengthen this role, we need to work collaboratively with academic institutions, government, civic and other professional organizations to leverage nursing education and practice. We need to embark on other healthcare related initiatives and networking opportunities. Nurturing these cohesive partnerships and doubling our inclusion and diversity efforts allow us to participate in many state and national initiatives for patient advocacy, health literacy, and community outreach programs.

Innovations. PNA-NY’s tremendous stride and ongoing investment in research will bring us to the forefront of translation and innovation science. It is imperative for us to have a more robust research infrastructure, to support our active involvement in National Institute of Health (NIH) and National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR) research studies. We need to support research initiatives that promote “culture of health” by improving healthcare access and equality. These will sustain our advocacy initiatives towards improving community health practices and health outcomes especially among immigrants and other vulnerable populations.

Resilience. PNA-NY is committed in promoting a culture of joy and resiliency in nursing. We will embrace the power of nursing narrative and focus on self-care initiatives. PNA-NY will develop and sustain platforms to recognize, celebrate and affirm the importance of individuals and the organization’s contributions to the community and to the profession. Through PNA-NY’s Year of the Nurse Taskforce and Initiative, we will spread our nurses’ stories that will empower others and ignite a deeper appreciation, and fulfillment on the valiant role of nurses in many facets of healthcare.

Excellence. PNA NY remains to have the respect of the community and other professional organizations locally and nationally. We owe this honor to our founders and incredible leaders before us. It is rightful then as members and leaders of this organization to constantly strive for excellence and have the determination to learn, grow and serve.  We owe to ourselves the commitment to empower other individuals, families and communities in fulfillment of our mission and vision. Let us be the SPARK in creating impactful contributions to nursing and to the community that we serve. Let us ASPIRE to magnify “who” we are and “why” we matter as an organization, today and beyond.

Congratulations to our newly inducted officers and awardees. Thank you for sharing your aspirations and strong commitment to grow and serve. Thank you to our entire PNA-NY family especially to our association members, friends, partners and supporters, and thank you to our families who are behind our successes! This is indeed another significant milestone in the history of the association. Let us continue to celebrate, affirm and aspire to empower!