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About us

Building Connections

Our team studies, discusses, and exchanges information regarding problems and issues relevant to nursing practices, education, and research through networking with other professional nursing organizations. We continue to provide training designed to assist nursing practitioners in identifying and fulfilling their career goals, professional responsibilities, and cultural adjustments.

You can count on us to secure and support legislation that would improve and enhance the practice of nursing as defined in New York State and to participate in community activities that will enhance the purpose and objectives of the association.

Mission Statement

The Philippine Nurses Association of New York, Inc. will strive to promote the highest standards of professional nursing practice while advocating for the socio-cultural and economic advancement of Filipino American nurses in the State of New York.


PNA-NY inspires its members to promote the living legacy of Filipino-American nurses. We accomplish this goal through professional and community engagements while upholding compassion, courage, commitment, and creativity for our patients. Our purpose includes providing an organization that supports a positive image while fostering the welfare of the Philippine nurses in the state of New York as a professional group.


The Philippine Nurses Association of New York, Inc. promotes the living legacy of the Filipino American Nurse: Compassion, Commitment, Courage and Creativity.


Offer education sessions designed to assist members identify and fulfil career goals, professional responsibilities and cultural adjustments.

Engage in an open exchange of information to address issues relevant to nursing practice, education and research.

Uphold the rights and prerogatives of Filipino nurses practicing in New York and the United States, within the framework of existing laws and organizational standards.

Support legislation that would improve and enhance the welfare of itsconstituents. Maintain active connections with other professional andcommunity organizations.

Support professional and community activities that are congruent with the objectives of the association.


We strive to present current and accurate information, but we do not guarantee either the accuracy or currency of information posted here. In the event of a significant difference between the information on this website and official information available from the office of the PNA-NY President, the official information should prevail.

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