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Meet Our Different Committees

PNA- New York Administration Committee Chairs and Co-chairs



Archive Committee

Chair: Liezel Vince Cruz

Co-chair: Jona Caparas

Members: Adrian Artista, Sharon Doromal

Adviser: Warly Remegio/Rosario May Mayor



Awards Committee


Chair: Janet Cuaycong

Co-chair: Josephine Jalandoni

Members: Femarie Bedona, Elvy Barroso

Adviser: Vernie Bacolot/Lolita Compas



Bylaws/Policy Committee


Chair: Laarni Florencio

Co-chair: Josephine Jalandoni

Members: Janet Cuaycong, Jane Torres, Julie Ann Regino, Joy Bautista

Adviser: Lolita Compas/Rosario May Mayor


Education Committee


Chair: Laura Garcia

Co-chair: Elvy Barroso

Members: Prez Lorenzo, Potrirankamanis Nur,  Rosario Simms

Adviser: Warly Remegio/Rey Rivera


Ethics Committee


Chair: Jacqueline Schuster

Co-chair: Potrirankamanis Nur

Members: Alipio Esguerra, Rosario Simms, Elvy Barroso, Priscilla Sagar

Adviser: Susan Gador/Vernie Bacolot


Finance and Budget Committee


Chair: Joy Bautista

Co-chair:  Rolando Gatilao

Members: Jacqui Schuster, Janet Cuaycong, Davy Diongson

Adviser: Carmen Meliton/Rey Rivera

Legislative and Human Rights Committee

Chair: Femarie Bedona

Co-chair:  Priscilla Sagar

Members: Laura Garcia, Josephine Jalandoni

Potrirnakamnis Nur

Adviser: Mary Joy Garcia-Dia/Lolita Compas


Membership Committee


Chair: Rolando Gatilao

Co-chair: Davy Diongson

Members: Nora Eusebio, Joy Bautista,

Melanie Remegio, Mary Grace Asufrin

Adviser: Carmen Meliton/Leonilla Mariazeta


ADHOC Formal Nurse Mentoring Program Committee



Outcome Assessment : Maria Rosario Simms

Members: Davy Diongson, Quimberly Villamer

Adviser: Susan Gador

Consultant: Rosario May Mayor

Newsletter/Social Media Committee


Chair: Quimberly Villamer

Co-chair: Davy Diongson

Members: Aubrey May Agcon, Ellen Arigorat

Adviser: Lolita Compas/Rosario May Mayor


NOMELEC Committee


Chair: Warly Remegio

Co-chair: Janet Cuaycong

Members: Laarni Florencio, Rosario Simms, Femarie Bedona

Adviser: Rey Rivera/Vernie Bacolot

Outreach Committee


Chair: Adrian Artista

Co-chair: Nora Eusebio

Members: Leizel Vince Cruz, Potrirankamanis Nur, Sharon Doromal, Aubrey Agcon

Adviser: Carmen Meliton


Scholarship Committee


Chair: Joy Bautista

Co-chair: Laarni Florencio

Members: Quimberly Villamer, Rolando Gatilao

Adviser: Leonilla Mariazeta/Rosario May Mayor


Ways and Means Committee


Chair: Maia Santamaria

Co-chair: Nora Eusebio

Members: Josephine Jalandoni, Jona Caparas, Potrirankamanis Nur, Mary Grace Asufrin

Adviser: Carmen Meliton/Warly Remegio

Website Committee


Chair: Aubrey Agcon

Co-chair: Ellen Arigorat

Members: Davy Diongson, Adrian Artista, Laarni Florencio

Adviser: Mary Joy Garcia-Dia/Vernie Bacolot

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